Ambassador Profile - The_Tales_Of_Big_Bertha_Blue

Ambassador Profile - The_Tales_Of_Big_Bertha_Blue

"Getting out in to the outdoors is the perfect escape for us as a family. It really started in lock down when there was not a lot else to do and "Bertha" our van was 100% an impulse buy to allow us to adventure a little when international movement was restricted, but what an impulse buy she was.  


Our family spends weekends and holidays visiting new places around the UK. We have been from John O'Groats to Lands' End. With our biggest adventure seeing us mosey around the NC500 for 18 days. It was amazing, we spent time paddleboarding with dolphins, exploring caves and simply chilling out on some of the most beautify beaches I have ever seen.  


Being a little more rugged is our thing, give us a field or wood, preferably near some water and we are at our happiest."

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