Nissan Primastar/NV200/NV300


Another popular Japanese van is the Nissan NV200, favoured for its versatility and cost. In stock we have a range of Nissan NV200 awnings available to suit any requirements you may have.

Our range covers all models of Nissan NV200, this includes older models as well. Whichever campervan you have, you can be assured we’ll have an awning to fit.

Our awnings are ideal for camping and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Anything can be created using our awnings, a simple storage area through to something more elaborate.

Fitting a drive away kit to your awning increases the usability even further as it allows you to leave your camping pitch whenever you want. The van is no longer required to hold up the awning.

We stock inflatable awnings for Nissan NV200s as well, these have the added advantage of quicker setup times and a simple pitch process. Even the largest models we stock are easier to erect than their traditional counterparts. To make packing away easier, we also include an oversized bag to make sure everything is stored away correctly.

Whatever you are looking for we have an awning for your Nissan NV200, anything from a little extra storage to a much bigger model we have something for you.


Nissan NV200 Awnings FAQs

Which Nissan NV200s do your Awnings Fit?

Our awnings cover the full range of Nissan NV200 right up to the very latest model. Whichever model you have you’ll fit an awning to fit on our website.

Do you Stock Awnings for a Nissan NV300?

The awnings we supply we fit both the Nissan NV200 and 300 so whichever campervan you have we’ll have something in stock.

What Vehicle Height are the Awnings Based off?

The awnings are based on a vehicle height of 190 cm to 250 cm. If your van is similar to this height then it’s likely that the awning will fit.

How Do I Fit my Awning to My Nissan NV200?

We pride ourselves on supplying awnings which are simple and easy to fit, installing one on your Nissan NV200 is easy following our guide. All of the information you need, and easy to follow instructions, is available to view on our website.

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