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VW T6 Awnings


The latest iteration of VW Transporter is the VW T6, this continues on the ever growing popularity of VW vans as campervans. We have an extensive range of VW T6 awnings, so complimenting your campervan with a high quality awning is easy.

Our range covers a multitude of awnings for VW T6 vans including the very latest models. Finding something to suit your van has never been easier, whether you want a traditional pole awning or something more modern such as an inflatable awning.

The range of VW T6 campervan awnings we have are suited to various applications such as something small for a bit more storage, right through to a bigger extension of your campervan.

The biggest disadvantage of a conventional awning is that you’re unable to leave your camping pitch whenever you like. There is a solution available which solves this problem, drive away awnings which allow you to leave when needed.

Quicker and easier ways of pitching an awning include using an inflatable equivalent. These offer faster pitching times when compared to a pole awning. Even the largest of our inflatable awnings are faster to pitch and we guarantee this over a pole awning. Included with your new inflatable awning is an oversized bag to make packing away much easier.

Whatever you require from your VW T6 awning, we have something in stock for you.


VW T6 Awnings FAQs

What Other Vans Do Your Awnings Fit?

It’s not just the VW T6 that our awnings fit, our awnings will fit other transporters in the range as well. Regardless of model we have something to fit your van.

What Vehicle Height are the Awnings Based off?

The awnings on this page are based on the vehicle height of 190 cm to 250 cm, any van with similar dimensions is suitable for these awnings.

How Do I Fit an Awning to my VW T6?

Our awnings are easy and simple to fit, we have a full guide available to help you through the process. You will find full instructions on this page.

Do You Sell Spares For Your Awnings?

A full range of awning spares is available on our sister website OLPRO Spares. Here you can find replacements for any part of your awning.

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