How To Level Up Your Camping Experience

Posted by Tori Wilkes on 4th Jul 2023

How To Level Up Your Camping Experience

If you love camping and want to take your experience to the next level, we have got you covered! In this blog, we will be detailing our top tips to take your camping experience up a notch.

Invest in an Awning:

Whether you’re a caravanner or campervanner, an awning is a fabulous idea to add an extra bit of room for storage, sleeping or sun/ rain coverage. Take a look at our favourite Awnings below.

OLPRO Hive Campervan Awning (Fibreglass Poles):

Our Hive Hexagonal Poled Campervan Awning has plenty of living space! The Campervan Awning sleeping pod extends from the rear of the tent, and the bedroom inner can be removed if you wish to utilise the extra space for something else. The impressive 5 windows and skylights in the roof flood the Awning with light, helping bring the outside in. The awning fits any van between the height of 190cm to 250cm.

Shop Now:

OLPRO Cocoon Breeze Campervan Awning:

The Cocoon Breeze is our most popular campervan awning, designed with convenience in mind. The Awning includes a 5-berth bedroom inner and takes only 15 minutes to pitch. Available in 4 colourways, you can choose the perfect awning to suit your van’s aesthetics.

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OLPRO View 300 Caravan Inflatable Porch Awning with Porch Extension

Our View 300 Caravan Awnings are the perfect alternative to a bulky, hard-to-pitch awning that you would typically buy from a caravan dealership. With a pitch time of just 10 minutes, you’ll have extra storage and sleeping space in no time. Our Awnings are designed with versatility in mind, with zip-off front panels so you can open up your awning into a veranda, and large skylights to let light in.

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OLPRO Lunar XL Motorhome Awning:

The Lunar XL Motorhome Awning is designed for Campervans and Motorhomes with a height of 250- 290cm. Designed with convenience in mind, you can pitch your awning in as little as 10 minutes. The front door panels can be removed to turn your Awning into a veranda, offering you sun and rain protection without shutting you off from nature.

Invest in a good air bed:

A good night’s sleep whilst camping is essential, and with so many comfy and convenient options now on the market, upgrading your sleep set-up is a fabulous way to up your camping game. We’ve listed a few bed options below:

Create Your Own Private Toilet:

Having your own toilet near your camper or tent is a luxury whilst camping. Making your own toilet area is the perfect way to take your set-up to the next level. All you need is a toilet and a toilet tent and you’re good to go. We’ve popped some of our favourite OLPRO products for you to create a VIP loo below.

  • OLPRO Bottom and Top Plus- Toilet Fluid and Rinse- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Pop-Up Extra Large Toilet/ Utility Tent 1.6M- Shop Now

Add Privacy!!!

Adding Privacy to your set-up really helps make it feel like a home away from home. Awnings can help add privacy as they create a barrier between your van and the outside, but other items such as windbreaks can also be utilised. Take a look at some of the products that can help add a bit of privacy to your camp set-up.

  • OLPRO VW T4 Internal Silver Blind Set- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Charcoal Compact Vision Windbreak- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Laurel Hedge 5 Pole Windbreak (Wooden Poles)- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Pod Kitchen/ Storage Tent- Shop Now

Personalise Your Set Up:

Personalising your set up and making it feel like a home away from home will make camping feel like a dream. Take some of your favourite home comforts such as pillows and your favourite blankets, you can even take some ornaments from home. We offer a range of products that can help you personalise your campervan or tent…

  • OLPRO Happy Cutting Compact Chopping Board- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Dark Mood Pattern Double Sleeping Bag- Shop Now
  • Awning Tunnel Mat- Shop Now
  • Black Rear Campervan Living Area Carpet- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Directors Chair- Shop Now
  • OLPRO Folding Camp Table- Shop Now

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