Get your van winter ready

Posted by Tori Wilkes on 28th Nov 2023

Get your van winter ready

Who said van life was just for the summer? With more and more people opting to get out in their van over the colder months, we have put together a useful guide on how to get your van winter ready.

Winter tires

We’d recommend using winter tyres if you live or plan on travelling to areas where snow is expected. Winter tyres help keep you safe on the road during snowy conditions, with added grip and durability. Avoid using winter tyres in normal, mild conditions as they will wear quicker.

New heaters

Getting a good heater fitted is essential if you are going to be braving winter Camping. You can find multiple ways to heat your van, from electric heaters to wood burners, just be sure to do appropriate research to find the best option for you.


Insulating your van can increase the economy of your heaters tenfold, helping to keep the cold out and the warm in (also beneficial in the summer to keep the cool in and the heat out). We would also recommend investing in good-quality window covers to help with extra insulation. Take a look at some of the options on our website below:

Internal thermal blind set- Perfect to help keep light and cold out, and heat in, this blind is the better option if you wish to remove and put up your blinds from inside the van.

Shop now for VW T5/T6:

Shop now for Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter:

External thermal blackout screen for VW T5/ 56- These screens are perfect if you want to keep all the light out of your van, whilst also keeping the heat in. With Velcro panels for security, the External screen is compact when folded away and designed to slot behind seats, or in a folded-down pop top. This is the best option if you want the blind to sit on the outside of the glass. Shop Now:

Wash your van:

Washing your van in winter is a good idea due to the corrosive effects of highway salt, which can have a negative impact on paintwork. Only wash your vehicle in the day, and never below 0 degrees as the freezing temperatures will prevent you from properly rinsing and drying the car, which can lead to stuck and damaged hinges. We’d recommend using our car wash and wax on your vehicles to wash off any salt residue and keep your car looking clean. Shop now:

Invest in good bedding:

Making sure that you have warm bedding is essential if you want to get out and about in your van over the winter. Investing in items such as fleece bedsheets, or heated blankets are a great, affordable way, to get your van winter-ready. If you opt for sleeping bags in your van to keep warm, we’d recommend our Gecko 350 sleeping bag. Suitable for 3-4 seasons, the Gecko 350 is a mummy-style sleeping bag which includes a 250gsm filling, drawstring hood, neck baffle and internal pocket. Shop Now: .

Emergency gas cooker:

If you use an electric hob in your van and rely on solar panels for power, we recommend investing in a small gas hob that can be used just over the winter months, when charging through solar can be harder due to shorter days. We’d recommend a compact Campingaz stove that can be used alongside a small gas cartridge, as they can be easily stored in your van, and are a great alternative for in case you run out of power. Shop Now:

Awning for storage:

When the temperatures drop in the winter, you can guarantee that you’ll be spending more time sitting in your van than you would on a summer camping trip. Because of this, you may want to invest in a small awning to store items and open up more space inside your van. We’d recommend our Snug Breeze Tailgate Awning. Perfect for storage and shelter, the snug is a generous size of 250cm x 250cm, and comes with a large awning tunnel, as well as a fully sewn-in groundsheet, front door canopy poles and bug screens on all doors. Shop Now: . If you would prefer an awning for the side of your van, we would recommend our Uno Breeze Campervan Awning. Perfect for quick pitching, the Uno Breeze has just one inflation point, meaning you can have it pitched in as little as 10 minutes. A fully sewn-in groundsheet and fly mesh on all the doors make it perfect for storing items such as canoes, bikes and paddle boards. 

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