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Items Back in Stock for January 2021

With a new year comes OLPRO products that are back in stock. Here is a guide on what’s back and how they can take your camping equipment to the next level. With a range of products suitable for all types of campers we are sure to have something you will love!


With camping becoming more popular in 2021 due to the restrictions of going abroad, staycations are the number one thing to do! We have a lot of new stock coming in that is going to help you on your staycations and we can’t wait to share them with you!

First up, we have our Wichenford 8 Berth Tent which is our largest poled tent and is well suited for going away with your family! There is plenty of space for sleeping as well as living space so you can enjoy your camping trips as if you were at home! We do also offer an extension for our Wichenford tent which offers extra storage space for your longer stays and acts as a porch to store your wet shoes and clothing.

We have our Abberley 2 Berth Tent which is a spacious 2 person tent that is good for on the go camping with a large storage area and sleeping compartment. Our Abberley Tent is easily set up and is designed to be lightweight making it ideal for those short breaks away! We also sell the Abberley Tent as a package with our Abberley footprint groundsheet that protects your tent as well as protecting your tent from getting dirty.

Do you ever feel like you need some extra privacy on your camping trips or on your beach days or even for your picnics? Well we have the solution for you because our Windbreaks are perfect for that little bit extra privacy! We have both our Orange/Black Windbreak and our Charcoal/Black Windbreak available that are compact and protect your area from the elements.


As we know the past year has been bad luck for music lovers with festivals being cancelled, but hopefully with things starting to get better, we’ve got our fingers crossed that festivals will be able to go ahead this year. With that in mind, festival goers will need a fast-pitching tent that is waterproof and is ideal for the festival weather. Our POP Tents are perfect for festivals, priced at just £55 you can get our POP Tents in Blue, Green and Orange making it easier for you to find your tent at the festival campsite!

Whether you are camping in your caravan or in a tent, you always need some essential accessories to help make your experience easier. We have a variety of campervan covers as well as windscreen covers that will help keep your campervan warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have a Campervan cover that is suitable for VW T25, T3, T4, T5 and T6 as well as a Campervan cover that is suitable for Ducato/Boxer Campervans.

When it comes to summer, we know that on your camping trips you want to spend as much time outdoors as you can to soak up those sun rays and enjoy nature. We have a range of sun canopies that allow you to sit outside and have some cover from the sun when you need that time in the shade. Whilst we know that some of you may not have the right kit to attach your sun canopies, we do offer a Magnetic Drive Away Kit that allows you to attach your sun canopies to your campervan or caravan so you can enjoy the sun with some cover!

Make sure to check out our website to see our full product range, we’re sure you will find something you will love.

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