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OLPRO’s Most Commonly Asked Questions from the NEC Show

We recently attended the NEC Camping, Caravanning and Motorhome Show and we were asked a lot of questions by our customers that we’d love to share on our blog!

Which Awnings will fit my Vehicle?

This is one of the most asked questions we get here at OLPRO and we always advise that before purchasing any awning you should measure the height of your campervan from the ground up to your Awning Rail.

Most vehicles that are between 190cm and 250cm will fit our poled and Breeze Awnings, however if your vehicle exceeds 250cm, we advise that you purchase an XL Awning that will reach up to the height of 290cm.

You can take a look at our ‘Will This Awning Fit My Campervan?’ page over on our website to see which awnings will fit your vehicle.

How do I attach an awning to my vehicle?

For most people, you will have an Awning rail which will allow you to attach the beading of the Awning tunnel straight to your rail. OLPRO’s Awnings have a 6mm beading which fits straight into a standard 6mm awning rail.

Some vehicles may have a Gutter rail which allows you to use a Figure of Eight to clip onto the gutter rail where you can then slide the beading of the tunnel into the Figure of Eight.

However, if you don’t have an Awning rail attached to your vehicle or a Gutter Rail, you can solve this by purchasing the right rail that will fit your van or you can use the straps that are included with all of our awnings that will go over the top of your vehicle (either side of a pop up roof). These can then be pegged down on the other side of your vehicle.

Which is better: an Inflatable Awning or a Poled Awning?

Both Poled and Inflatable Awnings have their benefits, and we’re going to write these out for you to help you decide which is best for you.

Inflatable Awnings

Inflatable Awnings are generally easier to pitch. This is mainly because pumping up the air beams is so much quicker than having to build the pole structures.

Air beams are known to be more flexible than poled awnings when it comes to harsher weather as they don’t tend to bend as much as poles and can bounce back into shape. Whilst Inflatable Awnings may be more flexible, we do not recommend taking your awnings out in any storms or harsh weather conditions.

Inflatable Awnings are also a lot lighter when they are in their packed size which makes them easier to transport and carry.

Poled Awnings

Poled Awnings are great for those of you who like to stick to what they know. Poled Awnings are generally pretty easy to pitch but can take that little bit longer to thread the poles through the fabric.

How Waterproof are OLPRO’s Awnings and what material are they made from?

All of OLPRO’s Awnings are tested during production on their durability and waterproofing qualities. We ensure that our Awnings are made from 150D Oxford Polyester and is coated with a waterproofing quality that is supposed to last you 3-5 years dependent on the conditions in which you take your Awning in.

Why are OLPRO products more affordable than most companies?

OLPRO products are more affordable that other brands because we sell direct to you, the customer!

Most companies that you may buy from sell their products through retailers which means they have to price their products higher, whereas here at OLPRO, we sell direct to the customer making it more affordable for our customers to get their products!

If you have any other questions, please make sure to check out our FAQ page!

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