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Our Top Tips to Throw the Perfect Coronation Celebrations

Posted by Tori Wilkes on 28th Apr 2023

Our Top Tips to Throw the Perfect Coronation Celebrations

Whether you’re a royalist or just looking forward to getting together with your family and friends, in this blog we have detailed our top tips to create the perfect street party.

Pick the perfect food:

Great British street parties aren’t complete without staples such as cheese and ham sandwiches or Scones, jam and cream. But buying all that food can be a lot for one person! We would recommend getting together with your neighbours and sorting out who brings what. You could work it on a BYOF (Bring your own food) basis, or allocate each person an item to provide, taking the pressure off everyone from wondering what to bring. This is also fab as it will prevent food waste as you know how much food you will need to provide.

Make the perfect playlist:

Making the perfect playlist is a must for any social occasion, and an event such as the coronation must include cult classics from artists such as Queen or The Beetles. You can ask every person who is coming to provide 5 songs they want to hear (or one if lots of people will be attending) or use a ready-made British playlist off Spotify. It is also a good idea to make sure you have a good speaker and if you don’t have one lying around, put it to the street and see if anyone can provide one.

Games, Games, Games!!

No street party is complete without a good quiz or egg and spoon race. You could create a quiz that is based on the Royals or British culture. Other games such as badminton, Frisby and cards are all fabulous activities for street parties as they can be enjoyed by all ages.

Create the perfect layout:

Creating the perfect street party layout is imperative to make everyone feel included, and to help people get to know each other better. Depending on the shape of your street, we would recommend a long table layout, made up of everyone’s individual tables. This way everyone will be facing each other, and nobody will feel left out.

Stock up on outdoor essentials:

When it comes to a street party, you’ll probably be outside from dawn till dusk, and stocking up on essentials to make it a more comfortable experience is always a good idea. Below we have broken down some of our top Coronation essentials from our website.


Our Melamine sets are the perfect tableware for the Coronation. The different set sizes mean you can purchase the perfect amount to fit the occasion. For the Coronation, we recommend our Berrow Hill sets due to their design which perfectly encapsulates the beautiful British Countryside. Melamine is the perfect alternative to regular crockery as it’s much less likely to break and even less likely to shatter and make a mess.


Olympus XL Camping Chair:

The Olympus XL is made from a moon shape design, creating the perfect camp chair that utilises comfort and durability. The chair is made from a high-strength steel frame that easily folds away into its storage bag. This chair is incredibly comfy, making it perfect for lounging out in the sun all day at your street party.


Directors Camp Chair:

Our Director’s Chair is a lightweight steel framed sturdy chair, perfect for lounging out. The chair includes a folding side table with a built-in cup holder, perfect for holding your coronation party bevvies and snacks. The chair also comes with a detachable storage pouch, perfect for storing your phone, keys, wallet, etc.


Denali Deluxe CAMP Chair:

The Denali Deluxe is the perfect camp chair for people who want a comfy chair that also compactly packs away. Perfect for the Coronation, the Denali comes with padded armrests for comfort and a foldable cup holder for convenience. The sturdy steel frame is built to last, with a maximum weight limit of up to 130kg. Like all of our camp chairs, the Denali comes with a storage bag, packing down to a minuscule 96x20x25cms for easy storage.


Folding Camp Table:

Our OLPRO Folding Camp Table is the perfect solution for street party dining and socialising. Made from high-quality aluminium material, the tabletop is waterproof and easy to wipe clean, making it perfect for dining. The table uses x-style support brackets which provide a solid structure, giving the table a weight limit of 15kg, making it the perfect table to hold all of your street party food and drinks.


OLPRO Endeavour 7 Berth Tent:

If the weather isn’t looking great for your street party, why not pop up our Endeavour 7 Berth Tent to provide you with some shelter from the rain? The 3 sleeping compartments can be removed to open up the tent, and the front canopy provides a covered area if you are wanting to use the BBQ (make sure to be incredibly careful and keep the BBQ away from the tent fabric).


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