Tents for Solo Campers

16th Mar 2022

Tents for Solo Campers

For those of you who love to go on outdoor adventures, there’s lots of adventures you can do as a solo traveller and there is no limit to where you can go either!

Firstly, if you’re solo camping we recommend purchasing a 1 person tent or a 2 person tent for your overnight travels. 1 person tents are great for those of you who want something small, lightweight, and easy to pack up. However, we do also recommend a 2-person tent for those of you who are solo camping. This is mainly because, you have extra wiggle room for storing all your camping equipment and it can also be less claustrophobic and spacious compared to a 1-person tent.

Pioneer Lightweight 2 Person Tent

The Pioneer Lightweight 2 Berth Tent is the most popular of OLPRO’s 2 berth tents. Whilst the Pioneer can sleep up to 2 people, it is also perfect for 1 person. With room to sleep and store your camping gear, there’s plenty of room in which you can feel comfortable in the tent.

The Pioneer is also great for those who need a tent that is lightweight and easy to pitch by 1 person. Most of our customers love the Pioneer because they don’t have to spread the weight of the tent with other campers, you can carry it with your backpack as 1 person and enjoy your solo trips!

The Pioneer also features 2 fly doors so you can access the tent from either side of the tent, or you can air the tent out with both doors open!

You can order your Pioneer Lightweight Tent over on our website for just £95 GBP

Voyager Lightweight 2 Person Tent

The Voyager Lightweight 2 Person Tent is a slightly larger tent than the Pioneer. The main difference is that the Voyager can cater to people who may be taller and need that extra leg space whilst sleeping. The Voyager is also slightly taller, allowing for extra head room when you’re sat down in the tent. The Voyager is great for 1 person, as it’s lightweight and packs away to 45cm x 10cm x 14cm, making it easy for 1 person to carry and to attach to your backpacks!

You can order your Voyager Lightweight Tent over on our website for just £105 GBP

Ranger Lightweight 2 Person Tent

The Ranger Lightweight 2 Person Tent is designed to be lightweight for only 1 person to carry, making it more convenient for solo campers. The Ranger features a zip on the inner tent that allows you to store your camping gear whilst you’re sleeping in your tent!

You can order your Ranger Lightweight Tent over on our website for just £115 GBP

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