Tips for Van Life in Winter

Posted by Victoria Wilkes on 24th Nov 2022

Tips for Van Life in Winter

As a camping lover in the UK, there’s nothing worse than only getting a few months of the year to enjoy your van. In this blog we’re going to give you all the top tips for camping during those chilly months, helping you make the most out of van life all year round.

Invest in Winter tyres

Safety is the number one priority when camping in winter. Investing in proper winter tyres can reduce your risk of skidding and having an accident. Winter tyres also come in handy when driving in the snow, reducing your risk of becoming stranded due to harsh weather. According to the Sunday times, the best UK winter tyres are ‘Continental Winter Contact TS 860', which can be bought from Halfords or Kwik fit.

Invest in a good heater

Making sure you have a safe, effective, and reliable source of heating should be top of your list if you are heading out in your van this winter. However, it can be quite overwhelming with the different options available to keep your van snug and cosy over the winter months.

Diesel heaters - Diesel heaters use the fuel from the vehicle’s main diesel tank and the leisure battery or electric source to power the unit. As a very rough guide, a typical diesel heater requires 0.1 litres of diesel per hour. Diesel heaters are effective as they work well in low temperatures and have a relatively low running cost. Some of the main cons of a diesel heater is that it can be slightly noisy and can be a little bit more expensive. 

Wood Burning Stoves - Wood-burning stoves are very effective ways to keep your van heated in the winter. Not only are they incredibly reliable, they also provide a beautiful, romantic setting to your van. Stoves are also incredibly reliable, if you can find wood and have access to matches/ a lighter, you will always be able to keep your van warm. But be warned, some insurance companies do not cover fire damage if it is caused by a solid fuel heater, so this is something worth looking into before you commit. When installing a wood-burning stove, please consult the appropriate professional to ensure it is installed safely and effectively. 

Gas heating - This heating option is fuelled by gas canisters. These heaters work effectively as they operate on a thermostatic control, maintaining an ambient temperature. Gas heating can be a more cost-effective option for heating your van. The systems can be left on overnight, meaning you won’t go cold during the night. If you decide on gas as the option for your van, a carbon monoxide monitor is essential.

Insulate your van!

Insulating your van is incredibly important for keeping you warm in the winter and effective at keeping your van cool in the warmer months. Make sure to insulate the floor as well as the walls. Most windows on vans are only single pane, so insulated window covers will also be incredibly effective at keeping the cold out and the warm in. Here at OLPRO, we offer a variety of internal and external vehicle covers our website that are designed to all types of vehicles. Check them out here.

Thick bedding and blankets

It’s important to stock up on warm bedding, to keep you warm day to day, but also as a fail-safe in case anything goes wrong with your heating systems or there’s been a sudden turn in the weather. If you’re looking for a winter-proof, but affordable quilt, we recommend this silent night winter duvet.

You can also layer up with your sleeping bags for that extra bit of warmth and comfort. You can take a look at our range of sleeping bags here.

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