OLPRO Camping Flushing Toilet 20L

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The OLPRO Camping Flushing Toilet is the ultimate portable sanitation solution for camping, RVing, boating, festivals and more. Engineered with convenience, comfort, and hygiene in mind, this innovative Camping Toilet offers the luxury of a flushing toilet wherever your adventures take you.

Featuring a 20L capacity, this Camping Toilet offers ample space for waste disposal, minimising the need for frequent emptying during extended trips. It's built in flushing mechanism provides a convenient and hygienic way to rinse the bowl after each use, ensuring cleanliness and odor control. 

Experience confort with the ergonomic design and comfortable seat, offering a familiar restroom experience, even when far from traditional facilities. It really is a convenienct and discreet option for families, groups and solo travellers.

This toilet consists of two detachable parts, one being a flush-water tank and the other a toilet bowl with a seat and cover. The push-button flushing system is easy to use and the large waste outlet is easy to empty after use. Setting up the Camping Flushing Toilet is quick and easy - simply fill the freshwater tank and add a small amount of OLPRO's Bottom & Top and it's ready for use. It's compact and easy to carry so you can set-up wherever you need.

Key features of the Camping Flushing Toilet:

  • Two detachable parts - a flush-water tank and a toilet bowl with seat and cover
  • Push-button flushing system
  • Carry handle for transportation
  • Large waste outlet
  • Hygienic & easy to clean
  • Matte finish to conceal scratching
  • Double sealed valve protects against leakage and odours
  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant quick-release side latches
  • Leakproof double sealing


  • Size - 42.5H x 41W x 35.5D cm
  • Weight - 5.2kg
  • Weight capacity - 200kg
  • Fresh water capacity - 12L
  • Capacity of waste - 20L

Made from/with:

  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene

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Camping Flushing Toilet 20L

RRP £111.00
Save £36.00
Was £111.00
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