Since our beginnings in 2011, we have always been striving for ways to better our products and the environment around us. We've spend countless hours outside in the British weather developing technologies which can be found across our ranges. 

We're always looking at ways we can improve our supply chain and make it more reliable, more robust, and more sustainable. In 2023, we made a conscious decision to review our current supply chain operations in favour of planet earth. 


We've spent countless days working on OLTECH® REPRO - A tent flysheet canvas which is primarily made up from recycled plastic bottles.


This fabric still holds the premium qualities which was found in OLTECH® 5000 - But with the added bonus that it impacts virgin plastics. Each square mere of OLTECH® REPRO utilises 8 plastic bottles - helping to divert them from landfill or our waterways. 

We introduced the OLPRO Breeze® range - A range of inflatable tents and awnings that utilise inflatable tubes instead of traditional poles found on family tents. 

With Breeze, you can inflate a tent in minutes, even inflating it on your own for quicker, easier and better pitching times. 

We've encased our inflatable bladders with TPU casing to offer protection and structure for your tent, against strong winds and heavy rainfall. This technology is steadfast and the beams themselves are inlatable in 7 or 8 pumps. 



More of the technology we utilise in our Tents & Awnings

At OLPRO we spend our time developing new technologies and testing them in the wilds. Over the years we’ve developed a number of features and technologies that appear across our tents and awnings. This list is not exhaustive, and we hope you love all the extra features we add to all of our products. British designed and helping you to explore the Outdoors since 2011.

OLTech 5,000 (190t polyester or 150d Oxford) - All of our tents and awnings are created using a specially treated fabric, OLTech. All OLTech fabric, which can only be found in OLPRO tents, is tested to be 5,000 Hydrostatic Head meaning the fabric will hold 5,000cm of water before it becomes porous. That means that it would take a standing pool of 5m of water to penetrate the fabric of your tent or awning from OLPRO.

Our poled tents are made using a 190t polyester and our inflatable “Breeze” tents and awnings are made using 150d Oxford polyester.

Ripstop - The majority of our products use Ripstop within the polyester, meaning the fabric is stronger through the reinforcement used within the fabric. This is visible in small tear resistant squares which means that if any tear does occur, the spread is minimal. Please check that your tent or awning specifies Ripstop. Note that Ripstop is not used on the heavier 150d Oxford polyester such as the Breeze awnings and tents.

Fully Taped Seams - Once the fabric of any tent or awning is treated, its weakest point is the stitching. Across all OLPRO tents and awnings, all sewn points are Fully Taped where we implement Taped Seams. This can be seen by looking at an area close up and seeing the thin tape that secures the product and keeps you dry.

Breeze Air Beams - Across our Breeze range of inflatable tents and awnings we use Breeze Air Beams. These are reinforced TPU inflatable beams that sit within OLPRO Breeze sleeves. All sleeves are slightly oversized to allow expansion in changing temperatures and the beams themselves are inflatable in 7 or 8 pumps, using a pump (like the one supplied) that is set to 7psi. All beams are inflated and tested for two weeks prior to installing into our products.

(MIPS) Multiple Inflation Points - We believe that for most products, having Multiple Inflation Points is sensible. This means that you inflate each beam separately. The real advantage is that If the integrity of any beam is affected, the other beams remain intact. It means that they can be replaced easily, quickly and at a cheaper price. It doesn’t take much longer to inflate than a product with a Single Inflation Point either.

(SIPS) Single Inflation Points - Some of our products have a Single Inflation Point which means you can inflate these products via one socket. All of the internal beams are interconnected and so putting air into the one socket inflates the entire tent or awning.

Darkened Inners - Where it says they come as part of the product, our tents and awnings come with a darkened inner bedroom. Because we know that daylight on holiday can wake you or the kids up earlier than you’d want to get out of bed, we’ve introduced darker inner tents as opposed to white. These aren’t blackout, which can be too oppressive and dark within the day. Instead they are a dark grey, so they work well for early mornings but are also great looking during the day.

Fly Mesh on Doors - Fly Mesh on doors are important to allow you to keep your doors open and vent a tent during the day, but also to keep bugs out of the tent. Where it states Fly Mesh on Doors, these are installed on outer doors.

Sewn in Groundsheet - All OLPRO Tents and Awnings have Sewn in Groundsheets which means that the groundsheet is attached to the main flysheet, creating a sealed unit. At the doors there will be a connect. The groundsheets are non-breathable, but where a campsite states a requirement for breathable groundsheet, this does not include products with sewn in groundsheets, so these are allowed. The main advantage of sewn in groundsheets is it does mean that you are less likely to see water ingress or insects (or other animals getting in from the outside).

Cable Entry Point - Our Family Camping tents, if stated, come with a Cable Entry Point. This is a small gap, usually close to the door, with a zip where you can put the electric hook up through from outside and into the tent. The gap can then be zipped close meaning the seal around the cable is as tight as possible, and you do not have to bring the cable through the door.

By having this point, you can connect electricity to your tent in a smart and tidy way.

Footprint Groundsheets - For the majority of tents and campervan awnings, we produce a range of footprint groundsheets. These shaped groundsheets can be placed onto the ground before pitching your tent or awning and allow you to protect the base of your tent or awning, helping to keep it clean and protecting it from a rogue stone or things that could pierce the base of the sewn in groundsheet.

Fitted Carpets - For most OLPRO tents and campervan awnings, we offer carpets which are shaped to fit the living area of the tent. This gives you something soft underfoot and, because it is padded on the back, it gives extra insulation against the ground. A carpet can really set off a living space in any tent or awning.

Sky Lights - Sky lights in the roof of tents and awnings are where we have specifically put windows into the roofs to ensure light during the day and allows the user to view the stars at night. On some models you will see that these can be covered as well using the internal blind.

Ventilation Points - Ventilation is key in all tents and awnings, and throughout OLPRO products you will find ventilation above doors, behind bedrooms and in the roof where needed. The ventilation is there to be used to disperse condensation, as well as hoping you to regulate the temperature.

Oversized Bags - All OLPRO tent and awning carry bags are oversized, meaning it is easier to put away your tent or awning after use. The compression sacks also have straps on them which means they can be pulled tight once the tent has been put away.

Alloy Poles - Our lighter weight backpacking tents are packed with extra lightweight alloy tent poles.

Canopy Poles - Most of our tents and awnings (see individual descriptions) come with sets of canopy poles which are fitted to the doors of the awning or tent. This allows you some extra space outdoors.

Awning Beading - All of our awnings have 6mm to 6mm awning beading which means they can be fitted directly to any campervan which has a rail fitted. The beading can also be used in conjunction with a driveaway kit and the end has an eyelet so that it can be used with magnetic fixing kits too. We have thought of everyway a campervan awning can be fitted to a camper and utilised it within each awning.

Tunnel straps (for over the Van fitting) - All our campervan awnings come with buckles and straps which can be placed over the campervan and pegged out. This allows all campervan awnings to be fitted to any campervan.

Tunnel Tightening - A system whereby the tunnels can be tightened using an elastic strap that runs through the tunnel from the awning to the campervan. This means that the tunnel, once fitted and pegged out, can be pulled tight against the van getting rid of any excess material.

Doors in tunnels - Having Doors in the tunnel means you have access to the campervan without having to go through the awning.

Ground Straps - All our Breeze products come with Ground Straps, which replace guy lines, meaning you have a more secure attachment to the ground. These straps connect at two points on the tent or awning and create a triangle to the ground. Thicker than guy lines the straps lay flat across the floor.

Double stitched eyelets - All our eyelets are double stitched in order to make them stronger meaning you get more use out of every tent and awning

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