Since our beginnings in 2011, we have always been striving for ways to better our products and the environment around us. We've spend countless hours outside in the British weather developing technologies which can be found across our ranges. 

We're always looking at ways we can improve our supply chain and make it more reliable, more robust, and more sustainable. In 2023, we made a conscious decision to review our current supply chain operations in favour of planet earth. 


We've spent countless days working on OLTECH® REPRO - A tent flysheet canvas which is primarily made up from recycled plastic bottles.


This fabric still holds the premium qualities which was found in OLTECH® 5000 - But with the added bonus that it impacts virgin plastics. Each square mere of OLTECH® REPRO utilises 8 plastic bottles - helping to divert them from landfill or our waterways. 

We introduced the OLPRO Breeze® range - A range of inflatable tents and awnings that utilise inflatable tubes instead of traditional poles found on family tents. 

With Breeze, you can inflate a tent in minutes, even inflating it on your own for quicker, easier and better pitching times. 

We've encased our inflatable bladders with TPU casing to offer protection and structure for your tent, against strong winds and heavy rainfall. This technology is steadfast and the beams themselves are inlatable in 7 or 8 pumps. 


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More of the technology we utilise in our Tents & Awnings

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